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Can a BT M-16 Apex Barrel Spyder fit a bt - 16?

I needed to know because i modded out my bt -16
i bought this BT M-16 Apex Barrel Spyder
I'm not entirely sure if that will fit my gun, It looks like the same threads that my bt - 16 tactical m16 barrel already has. My setup is:
BT – 16 Tactical Paintball gun
APEX barrel system
M4 Tactical stock
Single Point Tactical sling
Sling Mount
45 degree offset picatinny rail
Bipod grip
Picatinny rail on bottom of barrel
Triple Picatinny rail on top of barrel
Co2 air tank with Redz cover
remote coil with cover

Spyders and BT markers use different threads. If the barrel you're talking about is Spyder threaded it won't fit the BT.

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