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Do you think its possible to buy your child everything they ever wanted and not have them turn out spoiled?

Like my friend sent me this YouTube vid of some kid having a bratty tantrum in Wal-Mart after she didn't get the toy she wanted and when she questioned why she couldn't have it, her dad told her that if he bought her everything she asked for; she'd end up spoiled. Do you think that's true?

Could it be possible for someone to have a kid and buy them everything they ever wanted, and always let them get their own way etc., but still manage to have them retain good manners and learn the value of money? Can you be spoiled *and* nice?

Yes. And that's only because I know someone exactly like that… my fiancé.

Growing up, he had everything. In his room: big screen TV, DVD player, a desktop, a laptop (several laptops throughout his teen years), paintball equipment that ranged in the thousands in value.

And don't get me started on his basement. Every console, every video game. Literally a man cave for a 16 year old.

Objectively looking at this guy's stuff, anyone would have thought he was spoiled. I was so shocked when I saw all of it, and I had to work 2 summers to afford a Mac computer.

But IDK what happened, his parents just raised him properly. His mom is a little eccentric, but he's always had a tremendous amount of respect for her. His biggest influence, in my opinion, was his father. IDK how, but he learned to be the perfect gentlemen… everything but standing up when I leave a table. *I* am spoiled with him.

But it's not only me that he's kind to. He gives money to people on the street, and has taken out to lunches to talk to some of them. He's a police officer, and he's very fit for the job. He's kind, determined, but very aware of the rules and adheres to them. I've known him since we were 14, and been with him since we were 16. We're almost 23 now, almost 10 years later, and never once did I think he could be considered spoiled.

I don't know HOW his parents did it, but they did.

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