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tiger breed cats.....?

are there any pecific breed of cats that are tiger (like with the M on its forhead)???

i have a kitten that is almost 5 months now! on the 29th. and she is medium haired and has a M on her forhead and she has mostly white, but tiger mixed on her back and forhead! ill try to find a pic of what shes looks like!
and im talking about DOMESTIC cats not siberian tigers or any wild animal
also i have 2 other black female cats and my female kitten was next to them and she is almost as big as they are, just a tad bit smaller by like 1-2 inches and the other cats are 1 1/2 and the other is 5
willow... can u tell me some BREEDS??????
kinda what she looks like:

mostly like this one! but she has tan/light brown eyes!

same shape on forhead (triangle)
its not a bengal my aunt owns 2 of them!!

The "M" is found a lot in tabby cats, but honestly most domestic cats from shelters or the like are just the "mixed bag breed"--I know mine is!

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