Bag Storage

What are some rules of thumb with regard to food storage - in sofar as keeping it fresh?


-tomatoes can stay outside (not in fridge)
-strawberries are fridged, but not in airtight container.
-all veggies and fruits should be in bags that are loose, not tied.

-How long can granola last, how should it be stored?
- can croissants be fridged, or for some reason is their quality compromised?
-can muffins be frozen?
-can plastic bag storage be as good as in tupperware?
-any favorite tupperware?
-best way to store breads?
& any thoughts on storage of any foods is appreciated as I manage a cafe & wonder about these things.

I love Ziplock bags - there is not brand as good - I use them for everything.

Yes, muffins can be frozen. Yes, plastic storage can be as good as Tupperware.

Well tomatoes will get mushy very quickly if you leave them outside the fridge.

Bananas and avacados - put in the fridge. Bananas will turn dark on their skins but that is okay because they will ripen too quickly outside.

I do not like to refirgerate bread - you can freeze it though

Tuppware cake covers are very good.

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