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Mineral Processing Equipment Ball Mill and its Working Principle

1.Ball Mill grinding medium

Mineral processing equipment for Ball Mill , cylinder body around the axis of rotation, the inner part of the cylinder body of the grinding medium is raised to a certain height, a throw or cascading state, ore grinding is mainly depending on the grinding medium drop impact force and movement of the grinding action.

2. Ball Mill Working Principle

With the different cylinder speed, grinding ball in ball mill 's state of motion due to the poor working conditions of ball mill, the mill grinding ball on the wall of the cylinder will have a great impact and abrasion, so filled with a layer of lining plate of ball mill. Lining of the main role is to protect the simplified and enhance the grinding medium, liner structure and materials for its life and grinding efficiency is very important. Lining the specific role of protective simplified, makes the barrel from the grinding medium and the material of the direct impact and friction; - can use different forms of lining plate of grinding medium to adjust the state of motion, in order to enhance the grinding medium on the material crushing effect, helps to improve the grinding efficiency of the ball mill, increase yield, to reduce the metal consumption; the mill lining plate of different shapes can be used to control the mill grinding ball movement or trace.

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