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question about airsoft? (ten points to best awnser)?

is it a good idea to put a UTG Deluxe Tactical Laser Sight on a UTG MK96? because i cant get a scope
what about putting on the TSD SMG Sight Set?
or the NC Star Replica Aimpoint Red Dot w/ Mount?
and what about the NC Star Replica Aimpoint Red Dot w/ Mount?
or the NC STAR 1x25 Compact Red Dot with Weaver Mount

on a sniper rifle i wouldnt do either or, the utg l96 is still an accurate enough sniper rifle that you can use a scope, its just a matter of properly zero'ing it in and the right BB's, using .12 or .20 gram BB's wont get you anywhere when sniping, on my M700 that i built, it shoots 550fps and uses .38gram BB's, and thats incredibly accurate for an airsoft gun, at the very least if you dont want a full fledged scope, the NC star replica aimpoint will work, as will any basic reflex or red dot scope. They have no zoom capability but they will offer some above average aiming over stock iron sights (i dont think the UTG even has iron sights) Just make sure you properly dial in whatever optics you choose because it would be useless not too, I personally have the Aim point on 3 of my guns and i have no complaints, another option would be a replica 4x32 acog scope

The laser sight and the SMG sight set would be absolutely useless on a gun meant for longer distances which is why most utg packages give you a cheap scope, you can even get a cheap scope from daisy for like 20 bucks that would serve just as good unless you have eye sight issues that make a scope difficult for you

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