Eclipse Twilight

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How to copy "The Twilight Saga Eclipse" DVD?

The Twilight Saga Eclipse
is just released, and certainly all of them have new copy guard. However, Ideal DVD Software has defeated them. On Nov 30th, they have solved 3 editions, so far they have met seven different editions. They have uploaded all the decryption files for the DVD to their server, so users won't be bothered by the copy protection, just with Ideal DVD Copy, you can make a perfect copy of it.

For new users of Ideal DVD Copy, please first download the
latest version 3.2.4
and install it. Then have a try. When launching Ideal DVD Copy, please first make sure you
didn't run other decrypters
in the background. For example, DVD43, AnyDVD, DVDRegionfree and DVDFab Passkey etc, these DVD decrypters can conflict with Ideal DVD Copy, and they will changed the Data and making the ID number of the DVD is different from Ideal DVD Software, which will cause Ideal DVD Copy failed to use their decryption files, thus you will fail to copy them. And please make sure your
computer is connected to internet
, because Ideal DVD Copy need to access their server to get the decryption files for the new DVDs.

If you still failed on the above DVDs with this version, that mostly means the edition of your DVD isn't the one they've fixed. On this occasion, please insert the original DVD to your DVD drive, then click the icon on the left top window of Ideal DVD Copy, click "
Export bup files
", then you will get a .buz file, just save it to your desktop, then email it to their support team, they'll help you fix it within one business day.

All converter software of Ideal DVD Software also can use the decryptions files, if you need to convert the DVD to mp4 or avi (divx or xvid) format, please first download the latest version from
and install it, then have a try.

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