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Learn Technical Analysis/ Learn stock market analysis with FII HN itemwise data, Stock Market Secret

Special Features of Stock Market Analysis:

Most unique course or tutorial on Stock market Analysis India is divided in two parts which you will not find elsewhere:

1) Earning part of training course

2) Learning part of training course

Earning Part :

you will start making money from very next day

Indian Stocks which FII HNI Promoters MF buys fires next day & creates great trading opportunity & same stock also gives us an investment opportunity after carrying out some analysis.

We provide you sources of FII HNI Promoter MF QIP & Floating stock data in Indian stocks auto updated every eve at 6 30 PM, just checking the data will give you trading & investment calls.

FII, HNI & Mutual Fund Data is must check for every investor/Trader along with perfect knowledge as to how to interpret the Data.

Learning part::

Learning part of training course will offer you an added advantage & you will be able to spot market trends, multibagers & your total approach to investments would be refined & your stock selection skills will sharpen to great extent.

1) Fundamental Analysis ( No theory, just click links )

2) Technical Analysis through Videos in few hours ( Basic & Pro level )

3) Futures Analysis with Formulas

4) Valuation Models

5) Trading Tactics & Capital Management

6) Stock selection process

Share Market training Promo Videos:

Learn complete Indian share market analysis course online:

The only website where you can learn complete Share Market analysis in 4 steps viz. Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis thro Videos, Futures Analysis ( No options) + Our best seller program market analysis which shows Links to daily & item wise FII, HNI, Promoter, QIP, Fund & Delivery Data + Spurt in volume data.

The Golden share market Formula CANSLIM:

The most reliable & consistent method of stock analysis, following this will lead you to finding greatest winners from the stock market.

C = Current Earning of shares

A = Annual Earning of shares

N = New Products, New Management, New Areas

S = Supply & Demand (Floating stock)

L= Leaders or Laggards

I = Institutional Participation

M= Market direction

Gentlemen, you will admire our exclusive learning course with data links & we suggest you to join the complete stock market training course & we assure that you will thank us for teaching you unique method of analysis & showing the most useful & authentic data.

Master Products of training :

Links to FII, HNI, Promoter, Fund, QIP & Floating stock data :

We offer you to learn online tutorial on complete stock market analysis including Intraday trading links, Fundamental analysis, Technical analysis through Videos, Futures analysis without any theory + links to FII HNI Promoter DII QIP & Floating Stock data for lifetime, you have to open the links everyday at 6.30 PM & new FII data will be auto updated . You have to personally check these links every eve at 6 30 PM & you will find daily amazing data as displayed in our intraday section. You will get links to intraday trade data along with links to find intraday trading calls. You will have complete knowledge about how to select stocks for investments, short term, intraday, when to exit along with every expertise needed to invest in stock market.

Why these data links are most important?

a) Promoters will only buy own shares from market when company is going to be benefitted in big way b) FIIs have best of analysts & out of all the shares in market they find best stocks & buy them in big quantity c) When FIIs buy, the floating stock or available quantity in market is absorbed so no supply, you can check Spurt in Volume Data d) The FII data is followed by very few traders & they buy very next day so stock fires e) The floating stock data tells you which stocks have been lifted in quantity f) QIP ( Qualified Institutional placement ) & Stake buy data show you QIP data of Indian stocks.

Daily item wise FII, HNI, Funds & Promoters data of Indian share market:

There are millions of intraday traders in stock market but just 1 % of them have access to fund & Fii data, by just checking the FII data you can make good money every year as these stocks fire next trading sessions.

The market is driven by entities like Indian & Foreign Funds, FIIs, HNIs & DIIs. Our success in investing depends on this data as these entities buy big quantity in different stocks. Institutions have best of the analysts & they analyze thoroughly stocks & markets; whenever they buy a stock it fires so we need to maintain a book for FII activities updated on daily basis.

Sample Data:

Access to online FII Funds HNI & Trading Data, which give you intraday & delivery calls for next day

25/3/2010 The India Cements Limited SBI Mutual Fund Buy 17,35,000

26/3/2010 Piapavav Shipyard Limited Small Cap World Fund Inc. Buy 1,18, 51,559

Promoter s, FII, Fund Data, which would give you short term delivery calls

22/3/2010 Ruchi Soya Limited acquisition Buy 10,00,000

25/3/2010 Indiabulls Real Estates Ltd. acquisition Buy 3,00,000

Route to your growth:

1) Start making money in share market from the very next day

2) Learn best Analysis course online in details & apply them

3) Be smart & absolutely shrewd investor

4) Be an analyst yourself

Benefits of online training & learning:

Avoid Traveling

Save time

Learn at your convenience from your home/office/laptop while traveling or anytime

Online help available any time

Save money

Learn training course online & apply online

Researchers made an effort to find the ways to multiply wealth & they found some common factors in all the big gainers of the past, they laid down some criteria for stock selection.

Share market is a market where out of millions only few learn about performance, charts, promoter holding & other relevant data, so the one who knows has amazing opportunities as big money is involved in the market.

We have managed to cater you the best of Indian stock market analysis followed by the institutions across the globe.

The learning tutorial is full of most important information, data & analysis, which any common man can use & be an expert investor. We have selected some of the best links, which we use daily for our own analysis & we have revealed our each & every secret in this online training program.

Out of thousands of shares which shares will move intraday, which shares shall outperform, which shares show sell signals etc., we have given answers to all such questions in our online training course.

Investment is a science. Invest, hold & sell is the best investment strategy. Do not trade in big lots in derivatives, futures & nifty, where you can trade big with small amount, may wipe off your capital someday & holding 4/5 lots when down dearly spoils your peace of mind.

What will you learn in this Equity Analysis learning course?

1. Complete online course on Indian stock market Analysis in great depth

2. Reasons for a share to start moving up

3. A four Step formula to find the best shares & out performers

4. How results analysis is done

5. How to allocate capital & make it grow

6. Best intraday Trading & investment tactics

7. Which shares will move, how Institutions find out quality stocks

8. what criteria FII’s use for such selection

9. How to find stocks for Intraday Trading

10. Ready made technical analysis of shares through the trading day

11. Daily FIIs, Funds, HNIs trading data with names of the stocks

12. Learn Fundamental & online Technical analysis through videos

13. Which chart patterns when seen, stocks rise sharply.

14. What are promoters doing in their own company, buying or selling

15. What FIIs & Funds are buying & selling

16. What operators & other traders have done during the day

17. how Arbitrage is done

18. What is hedging

19. FII volumes & categorical turnovers

20. Live Technical analysis data

21. Complete candlestick analysis in just 2 hours through videos

22. Valuation methods MBA level

23. Derivatives or Futures analysis & amazing Futures & options formulas

24. Economic Indicators India & world

25. Data on Indian companies & its business models

26. Links to most authentic information

27. Many more clues & techniques included in the learning course

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