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I am refinishing my gun stock?

I am refinishing my gun stock and I was hoping to find a good mixture to stain it. Does anyone have any great ideas?

How dark of a stain?

You can play around with different (cheap) water-based stains on scrap wood to see what you like better. You could coat the scrap wood (part of it) with a layer of one stain then another or you could mix your own. But it's important to try on scrap wood.

Oil based or water based or gel?

From what I've done, a oil based stain will give it a richer look, but its a pain in the butt to use. Water based stains are a lot easier to use and a lot cleaner also and you don't have to worry about ruining that much if you have an accident.

Most important when staining anything- start off light. You can always go darker, you can't go lighter. I prefer Minwax stains over others.

If you use a water-based stain, you can use an old cloth/rag to apply the stain with (it will help put the stain on evenly, more so than a brush). Then after you use the rag/brush to apply the stain, take a dry rag and go in the direction with the wood to wipe off the excess stain. That will also help give it an even coat. If it's not as dark as you'd like, wait for it to dry completely and repeat until the its as dark as you'd like.

Good luck :)

With oil based (not sure about gel stains), use a rag also and gloves. You'll need a second rag to wipe off the excess stain like with the water-based stain too. Oil based stains easier and is a lot harder to clean off fabrics (ie- your shirt/pants).

No matter what type of stain you decide on using, wear old clothes.

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