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Does anyone else hate Animal Planet now?

this isn't really a dog question so bear with me. Any who, I used to love watching Big Cat Diary, Ultimate Zoo, Emergency Vets, Animal Cops San Fran, Wild Kingdom etc, you know, all of the old shows. Now it's like they've turned into some kind of reality network. "I shouldn't be alive,"I was bitten," "Pit Boss," I mean what do any of those shows have to do with animals? *sigh* I guess all good things come to an end eventually eh? Anyone get where I'm coming from?

Dog related question: How many dogs have you owned in your lifetime? Any favorites? :)

Yes,I hate it! I want Animal Cops,Groomer Has It,Emergency Vets and other shows that are actually about animals! I HATE the shows that are on now.They have nothing to do with animals. Half of the time,the people on "I Shouldn't be Alive" were out hunting animals! Maybe they shouldn't be alive! And "The Lost Tapes" is just so stupid. A lot of people have been complaining on Animal Planet's Facebook page about all of the stupid shows they have. maybe if they get enough complaints,they will put some better shows on. I would like to see the Irwins ( Terri,Bindi and little Bob) have a new show.

I have had 31 dogs. I did have a few favorites,but I loved all of my dogs.

OK,my favorite was my beagle,Otis.

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