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Why do i get so nervous before a car ride with my friends family?

I am going on a 2/1-2 hour car ride with them and its in 2 days and my stomach hurts so bad. I'm nervous that i'm going to get sick in the car ride. I know her family and everything but i'm just so nervous.Does anyone else get this?Is there something wrong with me? This has happened last week when i went somewhere else with my other friends family, so its not just hers. I never do end up getting sick but my stomach always hurts really bad. Could something be wrong with me i'm 13 going on 14 in a month. please answer:) thank you!

How Can I Cure Motion Sickness?

Once you're traveling in a car or bus or on a boat or train and motion sickness has struck, try these cures / remedies:
Look at the horizon; focus on a distant point. If traveling by car, sit in a front seat - makes it easier to focus on the horizon and keep your eyes in tune with the motion of the car. Don't read - keep watching your horizon focal point. Roll down the window - fresh air helps. Stop often and get out and walk around: restores your sense of balance.
Carry or have access to lots of liquids - club soda is a great stomach settler; if you are vomiting severely, you need water and electrolytes before you'll feel better and, perhaps, medical attention if you become dehydrated. Guzzle H2O and electrolyte-laden beverages like Gatorade, even if your belly keeps tossing the liquid overboard or out the window. Drink at least eight ounces of liquid every time you throw up.
Traveling by plane? Try the over the counter helpers. Scopolamine patches are meant for long term (up to three day) use, so give them some consideration for long overseas flights. It's hard to find a horizon focal point unless you have a window seat and a clear day and, of course, this technique is useless at night. If you don't want to risk the drowsiness drugs can cause (who wants to land overseas and head straight for the hotel to sleep?), your only choice may be the "barf bag". Ensure that you stay hydrated! Puddle jumper planes may expose you to turbulence that will make you feel sick - not necessarily motion sickness, just a slow roll and boil of the stomach. It'll pass when you're back on solid ground.

If you're prone to motion sickness, you may want to carry your own (sorry) barf bags - check 'em out here. They're stronger than the sort offered by airlines (imagine dealing with a formerly full and now split bag on top of feeling terrible). In a car, bags are a bit more convenient than sticking your head out the window when there is no time to pull over and - ach - less embarrassing than treating fellow travelers to your misery in slow moving traffic.

Take precautions and take care and remember, it will end eventually!

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