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Adobe 9A0-150 exam questions and answers

Adobe 9A0-150 declares that it plans to support video stream in iPad 2 and add HTTP Stream Media to its Flash Media Server, which can relief the relation between the two companies.


Besides the standards of Adobe’s own HTTP Dynamic Streaming, the Flash Media Server in future will support Apple HTTP Stream Media playing.

Kevin Towes, a product manager of Adobe 9A0-150 exam Flash Media Server, claims that Adobe does this to decrease the complexity of operation when people don’t install Adobe Flash. But those devices that have been already installed with Flash will still use MPEG4 to transfer from HTTP to Flash playing.


HTTP Live Streaming is originally developed for the mobile devices such as iPhone, iPod, iTouch, and iPad by Apple. Now there are many windows using this protocol and HTML5 can support HTTP Live Streaming directly.

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