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spyder fenix 2012debate?

im thinking about buying a spyder fenix 2012 paintball marker. Iv seen a lot of reviews online. There are a lot of good reviews about the gun which is great but there are also reviews saying how air leaks the first time you use it. Iv seen more good reviews then bad but im using all he money i have saved up for a while on this marker. Is it a good decision? does anyone know if the chances of it leaking air are very slim

The chances of it leaking air out of the box are probably like a 50/50 and i will tell you why. Usually what happens is that these markers are produced and left stored in a warehouse for quite a while (even a 2012 marker will be in storage for months atleast) and so lubes put on the gun will sometimes dry making the guns o rings not be as airtight as they should be and therefore leak a little bit. If you order one i strongly recommend you buy some marker oil (these are low maintenance guns so probably gold cup oil or extreme rage marker oil will be fine) and then before use put a couple drops in the asa and dry fire a bit and that should restore the Fenix to its previous glory. With that being said the Fenix 2012 is a beginner marker but does shoot like a champ for atleast its price range and should last you a long time as long as it is maintained properly, they are good guns though and dont let anyone discourage you from one just because it is a Spyder, Spyder is a good company and does make great products for the beginner market.

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