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Marketing wellness, energy and weight loss products,'Visi Global' launched in April 2012 and are based out of Utah in the US. 'Visi Global' parent company is 'Cloudberry Nutritionals' with both headed up by CEO and President Kent Lewis, who the company claims 'is a veteran of the direct selling industry with over twenty years of experience as a corporate executive, consultant, and distributor.

Visi Global has three products covering energy, wellness and weightloss'Visi wellness' 'Visi energy' and 'Visi weightloss'

Point #1 - Ask yourself do YOU believe in the product and if it will stand on its OWN two feet. If you are NOT passionate about the product -- you might want to consider something else.

Point #2 Make sure the compensation plan awards everyone?

There's definitely consumable products that can be marketed at a retail level but overall the compensation plan doesn't seem to encourage you strongly enough to go in this direction.

Point #3 -'Visi Global' offers a weekly 'binary' based residual commission for membership rank and a car bonus. The fact is, if you are NOT earning a residual income, you MUST continue to work!

Point #4 -- is there a proven marketing system in place that WILL help you generate leads and recruit people?

Point #5 -- is the person that introduced you to the product and company a family member or friend? Do they work the business full or part time? Do they earn full time wages?

There are several option for people to purchase product, so it may be difficult to earn residual income forever'Visi Global'.

Register to watch this free presentation about how the right system will help your'Visi Global' business succeed. Find people who want to sell Visi Global without cold calling'Visi Global' products. What you will see when you click the link to the free presentation is a way to get numerous leads every day with people contacting you about your'Visi-Global' business.

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