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What is the maximum speed that a great horned owl can fly?

What is the max. speed that a large owl such as a great horned, snowy, or great gray can fly? Do owls dive and if so how fast? Where is a link that I can see an owl hunting a fish? How many pounds per square inch does large owl have? If a Great horned owl and a red tailed hawk got into a fight how would you bet on to win?

The Great Horned Owl can fly about 40 miles per hour. It stands up to 25 inches high, wingspans up 55 inches. From what i saw the Gray Owl does about the same speed in flight. The second site points out that the Great Horned Owl will kill other raptors like Ospreys, and the Peregrine Falcons.

The male Red Tailed Hawk is about the same size as the Owl, the female seems a little bigger then the male hawk. The male weighs 2 and a half pounds, the female can weigh a pound more. They speed in flight and gliding is 20-40 mph. In a dive they can reach speeds of 120 mph.

I found if they meet on even terms the hawk would most likely win. Although the owl has killed a few sleeping hawks at night. And the same with the hawk, killing a few sleeping owls during the day.

Good Luck, I hope this helps.

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