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What about the Spyder Victor 09?

Hi. My sons are new to paintball and i want to get the started, but on a pretty tight budget until spring. is the "Spyder Victor 09" any good. It has good reviews as a starter on the AMAZON website. I am just looking for something for my sons to get outdoors and good off with. No serious competition and they would all have the same gun. Mainly interested in will it break after two uses or does Kingman make pretty robust items.
What about Azodin Kao? On TechPB, NateDaGreat recommended it as a good inexpensive starter package. The budget issue is that I plan to buy 4 sets.
Oops Azodin Kaos.

Kingman makes low end items that will last a while if they are cleaned after use and not used as a jackhammer. I would not get the 09 versions since on of the orings on mine wont stop leaking no matter how many times I replace it or try to fix it. I would personally just rent if you are on a tight budget since paintball is a very expensive sport if you get quality equipment that wont break, mess up and feels comfortable. I would start of buying a nice mask(around $50 and up) because if you cant see it you cant hit it. Some of the cheaper masks will fog and itch while with a nice mask you will wont notice that your even wearing it. Some good options if your on a budget is a JT proflex(my personal all time favorite) http://www.ansgear.com/JT_ProFlex_Thermal_Paintball_Mask_Green_p/jtproflexgreenwclear.htm on sale for $50 for pink,purple,aqua or lime green colors or $60 for the normal ones. Next I would buy a nice electronic hopper, that will fix chopping or misfiring of the marker and will make it a much more enjoyable experience since you wont have to keep shaking the hopper. Good options are the magna on sale for $50 http://www.ansgear.com/Empire_Magna_Drive_Hopper_With_RF_Chip_Smoke_p/empiremagnaloadersmoke.htm Best hopper under $100, the best over $100 would in my opinion is the pinokio http://www.ansgear.com/Pinokio_PL230_400_Paintball_Hopper_Smoke_p/pinokioloadersmoke.htm on sale for $115 for the Christmas season. After you have made all these purchases I would then consider buying a marker. Next would be a compressed air tank(ask another question when you are ready to buy it). Also never buy a CO2 container unless you will only be using it for a spyder or tippmann(even then I would recommend HPA(compressed air). CO2 will eat up orings and sometimes make your marker "jam" or freeze up.
All of these options I have listed above can be put on a rental(or borrowed) equipment individually rather than spending 300+ at a set up all at once.
A good sight that will be able to help you with all other questions better than yahoo answers would be http://www.techpb.com/forum/index.php?act=idx My username is Steephill on the forum. Dont be afraid to ask any question on that forum we will try to help you out as much as possible.

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