Magna Collar

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Miami J Cervical Collar for adults and children, come to for more information.

Patented and proven, the Miami J meets the rehabilitation needs of adults.

* Clinically tested to provide superior immobilization

* Sorbatex padding for skin protection

* Air vents for patient comfort

* Latex-free

* Compatible with all imaging modalities

* Six sizes based on body type

Known as the superior immobilizer on the market through multiple independent studies, the Miami J Collar''s patented design meets the specialized needs of all those afflicted with cervical injuries. The Miami J offers features that enhance compliance and help speed recovery while ensuring Immobilization, Inhibition of Skin Breakdown and Patient Comfort.

* Phenotype-driven sizing system make size selection simple while drastically reducing margin of error in fitting a patient. Each collar has a bioengineered front with a specific back designed to work together for superior immobilization.

* Sorbatex™ pads were specifically engineered to be antidecubitus, protecting skin integrity during extended wear.

* Adjustment options such as Angulation Buttons, a removable Sternal Pad and an optional Assist Strap allow for the greatest amount of flexibility and comfort in a collar without sacrificing immobilization.

* All Miami J Collars and accessories are latex-free and compatible with all imaging modalities.

Only the Miami Collar family offers a complete and comprehensive approach to cervical spine immobilization, inhibition of skin breakdown, and patent comfort.

Remember, purchasing a set of replacement pads will allow you to wash your Miami J Pads and still be able to use your product.

The OCCIAN BACK is a product that wraps around the Miami J for use while lying down.

Miami J L-Code -L 0174

Miami J Occian Back L-Code - L9900

The Pediatric Miami J Cervical Collar .

Pediatric c-spine care is distinct from adult care. The reason is basic - children are built differently.

The Miami Jr. from Jerome is the breakthrough collar designed exclusively for children 12 and under.

The Miami Jr. line spans the growth cycle, is sized according to the Broselow-Luten color-coding system and meets the developing anatomical requirements unique to children.


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