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"How to" set up your DirectMatches profile - the basics!

The first thing that people on DirectMatches see and those coming to check out DirectMatches, is your profile. Your profile is YOU online. Therefore, you want to make sure it puts you in the best light. To make your profile work, then you need to understand and incorporate the basics of what will make the profile stand out. Everything else beyond that is fluff. So, the basics are VITAL. 1. Add your picture - This will actually rank you before others who don't have a picture. It will make it easier for people to find you and want to be your friend. 2. Start your "About Me" with "ABOUT YOU". What I mean by that is tell us something about you, your likes, your dislikes, your family, your hobbies, your experience level with network marketing/home based businesses. Then, tell us about your business(es). If your profile only talks about your business and how great it is and how everyone should join it, be prepared to turn people off, literally. Remember, social network marketing is about YOU 1st and your business 2nd. People buy from people they know, like and trust. If they don't know YOU, they won't like or trust you and they won't buy from you. 3. Add your web site link. Once people see your picture and read about you, they are going to want to click on your web site to find out more. If you have more than one web site to share, put the links to your other sites in your "About Me". But, make sure you have at least one link for people to click on. The easier you make it for others, the more success you will have. 4. Add your skype or phone number. While people can email you directly through DirectMatches, not everyone upgrades. Free members only have 5 emails they can respond to. So, while you might send an email to connect with them, they might not be able to respond back to you. This just gives them more options to work with. It does not mean that your phone will be flooded with calls, but it does tell others that you are accessible. These are the 4 basics you will need to get your profile up, running, and available to others. I will explain how to add all the other "fluff" to your site in another lesson that will really make your profile stand out and take notice. Until next time, Randi Moore moorera@greenms.com 518-283-6821 http://www.directmatches.com/paydaybuilder Profile of the week winner – April 13th – 19th 2009 Profile of the month winner - July 2009

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