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The Red Sox are in a wee slump, see how fast this page clears of Frontrunner, OOPS, Red Sox Nation fans?

Not a Yankees fan, a not ashamed to admit it Royals fan. But the way you phonies lose your mind over one dutch boy sock propelled ring and a little success has this native New Englander (Carver,MA-Newport RI 1979-200 and FORMER quasi RedSox fan secretly hoping the Yankees jack you. Where was all this twenty something houliganistic enthusiasm back then? You watch "Fever Pitch" then "Good Will Hunting" and off you go! Run out into the world with fake red goetees and a fake Boston accent, talk real loud, get all exited, ahhhgue about who's been ta Fenway the most times. Do any of you know who Reid Nichols is or do you all think this is a suggestion to save money? Old school fans I apologize. There are a few of you out there. A FEW. When did people think "Boston Red Sowacks Fan" as a personal identity, became cool? There are millions of you out there. And yes, I've asked a question similar to this one before. Tell me again why you became a bandwaggon Red Sox fan!

Doct-ahh Natedawgg

My high school was in walking distance of Fenway. They didn't sell out then and you could get into unreserved grandstand (sections 1-7 in right field) for $1 under 16, so I went to more than you did driving up from the cranberry bogs in Carver. Red Sox fans enjoyed good teams and solid players like Yaz, Rice, Evans, Remy, Hoffman, Boggs, Fisk, Gedman... but only a couple of pennants and no World Series until 2004. We would like to be spoiled. Even in recent history, the Sox have been good in the last 10 years, but made the playoffs in 1998, 1999, 2003, 2004 and 2005. They came close in 2000 and 2003 is historic for its miserable ending. Red Sox fans rightly feel that they have suffered enough (how do Cubs fans stand it?) and would like to see the Sox win another Series, if only to prove to the louder mouthed, less loyal, more spoiled, worse sport Yankee fans that 2004 was not a fluke. Now, do you get it?

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