Spyder Hpa

What gas or compressed air goes into a Spyder Pilot ACS Paintball Gun?

I have a CO2 tank but i hear that breaks your pilot since its an electronic marker, and CO2 gets into the board? Which gas should I get and is the CO2 returnable?

Co2 is fine for Spyders. HPA is better for all markers as the "air" is always in a gas state, Co2 is a liquid in the canister and expands to a gas in the braided hose and expansion chamber. The problem with Co2 is that if you don't have an anti-siphon tank, it will allow liquid Co2 into the marker, which is rough on the internal parts, especially the O-Rings.
Also, HPA has more consistancy in the pressure than Co2 does, especially in cold weather.
In short, yes, you can use Co2 in a Spyder. HPA is better for ANY marker, but not nessisary in this case. If you were using a high end marker, you would only use HPA.

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