Airsoft Cover

How do you make some good, cheap Airsoft cover?

I live in a hilly, lightly forested area, usually good for airsoft, but during the winter all of the trees and most bushes loose their leaves, so all the cover dissapears. How can I make some good cover? and how can I place it (Remember I live in a hilly area)? I have already made a few forts out of dead trees, but now I just need some small cover. Thank you.

I would suggest using dead branches, as you have already stated, and lay them sort of like lincoln logs to create small barricades that would aid in cover. Another easy thing to do (although it does not look as good) is to get some plywood and use that to create buildings/small cover areas if you do not feel like gathering wood. You could also cut holes in plywood or leave gaps in the wood barricades to serve as windows/shooting spots if you so like. I wouldn't make a 360 degree area of cover though as that would become sort of cheap and not allow for very effective flanking or tactics, although you could put them on top of the hills to create a little bit of a challenge still. Have fun and play safe!

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