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What store would be a good place to get airsoft wear(gear)? And what might work best for me?

Hi all, I own an Cyma M14 airsoft rifle with two high cap mags (~400round), and also a Kwa M9 Tactical PTP airsoft pistol.

I'm looking to buy vests, camo, gloves, goggles, etc for use in airsoft games. (I'm tired of borrowing my friend's) I don't believe my m14 mags would fit in any pouches made for an M4, (unless I'm somehow mistaken.) so vests that have them attached would be unnecessary.

Since my main gun can be used as somewhat of a sniper, i will probably be used as some sort of sharpshooter and play mostly woodland games. Remember, I'm looking for gear to wear, not more guns/weapons.

Places near me don't have much selection, so any feed back would be greatly appreciated!


P.S. Im approx 5' 7"- 5' 8" and weigh below 160lb is alright.
I have an m14, an m4, and a lot of mags
I have this vest
It holds 3 m4 pouches,but sadly the m14 ones don't really fit though. It is good for having a pistol though because it has a good holster. I don't have a pistol though, so I just took off the holster and put on a different big pouch that can easily hol 2-3 m14 mags, but that wouldn't really work for you since you have a pistol.

this would be awesome because you can buy your own holster, and big pouch to hold your m14 mags, and even some more pouches for it, but it is a little more expensive

something like this is probably the best cus its cheap, and holds a lot of crap. The only bad thing is I don't know where you would put your pistol

Oh and if you have a vest, hat, or pouch with velcrow, make sure to get one of these or the grey one or the tan one

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