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Tie dye shirts - vinegar?

I made two tie dye t-shirts at camp yesterday but I went home today. The people said to let the shirts sit in the plastic bags for about 24 hours, and then to rinse them out with cold water and soak them in vinegar. They're cotton t-shirts, but does any tie dye pro know if you HAVE to use white vinegar for them? I have apple cider vinegar and rice vinegar (neither of which a white-ish color) but I'll walk down to the store and pick up some white vinegar if that's what you have to do for them. Thanks!

Yes, you should use the white vinegar. This particular type of dye you used is made to be "set" with the vinegar.... that is, make it permanent. Otherwise, it would tend to wash out quite easily, or fade very fast. Vinegar is quite cheap, really, and you can use it for many other things as well in your home, especially in cleaning. You might be able to use the other vinegars, but they may not be quite as strong in effect, and you may not get quite the same degree of fastness. Use the products they recommend for best results.

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