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describe results and cause WWI?

what was the Political, Economic, and Social results??

wow, your history project and letting someone answer it.. hmm badd.

anyway here it goes what i know

1.) increase sense of nationality among many ethnic minorties around europe (serbs, croatians etc.)
2.) murder of crown price of austria-hungarian empire
3.) power struggle of newly formed German Empire flexing its muscles and british/french attempts for status qou.

1.) renouncement of war as internation way of dealing with differences ( this became crap)
2.) establishment of league of nations
3.) countries became more isolationalist

1.) continued rise of nationalistic countries (right wing Nazi and fascist countries)
2.) strengthening of communism and socialism
3.) disntegration of the hapsurg empire and romanov dynasty.

1.) unstable economy in germany due to harsh conditions of treaty of versailles which resulted to a failed republic and begger-thy-neighbor policies.

1.) people did not learn

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