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Good paintball mask?

I have a charcoal profiler, my friend has a white grill, and my brother has a grey flex 8 full headshield. I think that my brother's mask is fine, he wanted to buy a full head mask in the first place, but suddenly changed his mind. He says that he wants a light and good looking mask. price is not an issue, we have already looked at the Vent, and he doesnt want the same mask as my friend or me. What other masks are out there that look good, are light and have easy lens changes? thx


Yo, these didn't even come out yet, but they are supposed to be the lightest masks on the market.


If he wanted some that were light, even though these heavily resemble vents.


These are pretty good, easy lens change.


Alright, its really light also.

There you have it, if I was you I would probably go with the DYE's because they are the best.

Anyway, good luck.

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