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importing to revit from autocad 3d modles?

So i built this house in cad mep 2009 and and tryed to upload it into revit mep 2010 but when i try to upload the cad file it tells me:
"Some elements where lost durring import, activex and some prorietary components cannot be imported.
Try exploding the file in autocad, or setting proxygraphics to 1."

so i dunno what that means, and what i can i do to get the cad file to upload in 3d with wall propertys and such. or dose cad and revit not like to work together and i need to redo it all in revit?
whats a good website to ask questions about cad and revit?

If your goal is to use this model in revit and have it be as intelligent as a revit model, then I have some bad news for you. If you import any ACad 3D model into revit, revit dumbs it down into faces, meshes and lines, it will not be an intelligent 3d model. This also is relevant the other way around. I would suggest redoing your model in revit, hopefully it wouldn't take you too long to model it. There will be a ton of benefits when you do though.

Here is a good forum:


You would think that revit and autocad being owned by the same company will have better integration right? The problem is that revit and autocad handles modelling very differently from one another. Its like drawing with technical pens vs drawing with a stylus, the outcome looks the same but the techniques are very different.

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