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paintball question! 10 points for first correct answer!?

hi, i want to buy a paintball gun because im really into it now, im looking at the sp-1 and i think im going to get it. i know i need to buy a hopper and gas canister with it but do i need anything else?
thanks joe

Goggles/mask... Buy one that has thermal (dual pane) lenses, rather than one with a single lens that is thermal treated or thermal coated. If you wear glasses, investing in a goggle fan would be beneficial.

Pod pack or tactical vest/harness... buy a few extra pods, in addition to the number your pack is capable of holding.

Gloves... Half- or full-finger with knuckle protection.

Squeegie or swab or both... to clean the inside of your barrel both on and off the field.

Extra lube... personally, I use Eclipse Gun Oil/Synthetic Lubricant and Dye Slick Lube for my markers. Gold Cup and Hoppe's #9 Lubricating Oil works great too. DO NOT buy or use any type of oil that contains detergents or any type of solvent.

Rubbermaid container or bag... to haul your gear in.

Marker case or bag... to protect your investment.

Micro-fiber cleaning cloth and towels... to clean your goggle lens and clean your gear.

One or two small spray bottles... I keep one filled with water (for cleaning my goggle lens) and one filled with a 50/50 mix of water and isopropyl alcohol (for cleaning the exterior of my marker.)

Extra batteries for your marker and loader.

Teflon tape.

Small tool box... for any additional items you need to carry for marker maintenance.

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