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How can I get rid of a goggle's tan when I am swimming?

I put about 2 layers of sunscreen on my face, plus when I am resting on the wall I take my goggles off. I still have a tan under my eyes. How should I prevent getting a tan line under my eyes?
edit: this is for my swim team, so there's no way i can swim indoors -_-;
won't the black stuff come off in the water if you put it on your face? that seems like a good idea though, thanks!

I swim on the team at UCLA so I deal with this every day. I have lighter tinted goggles (black ones give you more of a tan). Another thing we do (which is weird looking but works) is put eye black under our eyes. It deflects the sun and stops the goggle tan. Eye black is the stuff football players put - it sounds crazy but if you're really serious about getting rid of it, that works!!

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