Goggles Olive

Is this a good paintball gun, I play all types.. I'm a starter.?

It's an Planet Eclipse ETEK3 LT

Gun - 495.95
Air System - Guerrilla Air 62ci 3000psi Aluminum HPA Tank w/ Myth Reg - - $49.95
Loader - Invert TOO by HALO Electronic Paintball Loader - - $69.95
Barrel Protection - CORE Paintball Barrel Cover - Red - $1.00
Goggles - JT Spectra Flex 8 Full Coverage Headshield Goggle - Olive - - $64.99
Overall Price - 681.84 + $61.40 tax

Don't say get a starter marker because I don't want one. I want something that's gonna last me longer, and is gonna build up skill. I don't care about any price under $900.00 I want this gun so far just tell me if it's good or not, if not don't recommend one please, I'll find another gun and ask another question.

Yea it's a great gun! Especially as a starter this one will last u long too

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