Jt Goggles

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PaintBall Gun?

Hey, so my buddy is gonna sell me a Spyder Pilot ACS in good condition (the blue and black one) with the stock barrell and co2 tank. for 80 bucks. (WOOO!!!) So basically. My other buddy is gonna sell me a 14'' whisper barrell for 20 bucks and an Evlution eggy 3 or whatever for 40 bucks. (Yeah i got the hookups)

If i put an eggy 3 onto the gun with the whisper barrell and co2 tank... would it look sick? and #2---> that setup will work well?

Also, any reccomendations on a mask. Apparently JT fogs up alot.

Sorry, also what should I check / look for / make sure is working when I buy it off my buddy so i dont get screwed.

bad idea

bad price

low quality marker,

your going to go and try to play, have your gun break, have your hopper break/jam/break balls

every single part you listed is over priced (not the whisper barrel, there not bad)

also jt goggles are not bad i have owned 4 pair, if the goggles are over a year you NEED a new lens, ask if your friend who used jt has owned his for a while

dye is great, v-force is good, jt is nice because its almost as nice as a dye but way cheaper

start with a tippmann, they are slower (so you go through less paint, which is allways good for starters) but more importandly, they are invincable i played with my tippmann for 3 years at least 3 times a month and never had a single isue, never broke a single ball

i have worked at a paitball field for 2 years and i see players with tippmanns every week, i see players with spiders once, they come out, there gun treats them badly, they quit

same with the eggs, they are horable in every way, the lids suck, the neck is to long and to wide, they are slow, they break high end paint, they are slow on low end paint, it takes hours to clean them and they eat battries, vl is not a bad brand name, get the eye force or a revvy if you really want a electro, but grav feed is not bad,

trust me, you want a tippmann

of every spider pilot i have seen about 80% break or can not be used for some reason

of every tippmann i have seen, i have only seen 2 break and mine is still going strong

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