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What paintball mask should I get?

I want to get my own personal paintball mask rather than the ones they supply at Delta Force.
While searching I found Vents Avatar of Just Paintball for £39.
I am also considering the VForce Shield or Vantage.
I do not know what Mask to get, I've seen loads but the Vents look the best for the price. The limit im willing to go to is £35 (even though the vents are 39). I am 6ft 1 and still growing so I will need a big mask. I also want something that looks cool and aggresive. What do you recomend?
I also saw the Proto Switch FS Mask for around £30.

That equals about $63 US, yes? That's actually a really good budget for a mask.

My favorite mask in that price range is the JT Proflex, but i don't know the availability in Britain (or wherever you are). Dual pane thermal lens doesn't fog up, foam inside the frame is the most comfortable i've ever worn, and it's really light. Not the most aggressive look, unless you get all black with a mirror lens. It's around $50-60 US.

The masks you mention have a single pane lens that have been thermal-treated, but that has never been as reliable as the dual-pane design, in my experience.

Masks are universal in size, no one intentionally makes masks that won't fit every head, just some will be more comfortable than others, obviously.

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