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What should I know and get starting airsoft?

I am 15 and I am thinking about starting airsoft with my dad for something to do at the weekends. I just want to know what should I know starting off and what sort of stuf should I get.


Generally when you first start airsofting, you would need to choose what kind of airsoft gun you want to get. There are 3 major types of airsoft guns, there are spring, gas, and electric guns. For more detailed information regarding types of airsoft guns here is a link to clarify that:

After you choose an airsoft gun you would have to make sure you have the accessories for it, so for a spring gun all you would really need is to get the BB's, or the ammo, to shoot. For gas guns depending on whether you got CO2 gas guns or green gas guns you would need to buy CO2 cartridges ($0.50 each) or green gas cans (around $7.99/can). For AEG or electric guns, usually the battery and battery charger comes with the gun but make sure you check the details because sometimes it doesn't come with it. When this happens you just need to purchase battery and charger.

Lastly, to be safe while playing airsoft guns you should get a pair of goggles or even a mask to protect your face. You can find some really good masks/goggles from the site I always go to, and the link is here:

Hope this helped and you have fun playing with airsoft!

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