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Why are m95 gas masks so expensive?

A lot of has masks are 12 24 dollars and then the m95s are 280 to 300 why?, and if it's because there qualities better how is it better compared to a israel civilian/military

This is not really an investing question though I suppose you could say you are investing in your health if you are caught in a war situation which uses poison gas or a nuclear bomb.

I used to be in the health/safety field as a salesman for a Canadian distributor so I have had some experience though I sold the scientific instrument side of the business.

Here is a website that sells different types of gas masks.

The don't show the Israeli military mask but they do show the civilian version for $79.00 and the Military m95 for about $225.

Here are cartridges for masks that fit both since they have a NATO thread.

The NTC-1 cartridge has a 10 year shelf life in its packaging and is used with the M95
The Type 80 NATO cartridge does not show its shelf life in its specs

All cartridges are about $45 the Israeli mask is worth about $34 while the M95 is worth about $190

So what is the difference in the masks???

Well materials for one thing and construction for another.
A military mask is designed to be used in has to be comfortable for long periods of highly intensive exercise.
A civilian mask is not designed for this kind of wear...they are hunkering down out of the way for the most part.

Silicone is used in most "working masks" is soft. pliable and fits well to the face.
The Israeli civilain mask is cheaper so I would expect it to be neoprene rubber probably and not as comfortable.

The m95 has 6 straps for adjustment....the Israeli civilian appears to have 3....again with lots of movement the civilian mask would be more prone to break its seal.

The seal is extremely important, the fit is extremely important....any leak in the mask/face surface renders the mask useless and in a chemical/biological attack probably fatal.

So as they say you get what you pay for. Civilian masks are cheap and mass produced for the general public...they probably would work if the civilian was not too active.

But if I were in a situation where I really needed a gas mask....a $12 mask as you say you found, would NOT be my first choice. :)

Thanks for the opportunity to be salesman again :) I enjoyed working in the Health/Safety/Environment field 25 years ago.

@m you are correct I read that spec on the M95 too quickly....the outter mask is made of a butyl rubber compound but the inner nose/mouth cup is made of a silicone material from the specs I have read. The silicone would be much more comfortable to wear over the mouth and nose.

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