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US Military Issue Skis?

The local surplus place has some US Issue Military Skis. These appear to be something akin to an Alpine Touring/Randonee ski. It has a Fritzsche binding that appears it can be locked down for DH skiing. I've seen other (older?) skis that have a telemark binding but none like these before. They also come equipped with climbing skins. The guy at the surplus store thinks they are XC but I know a little more than he does about skis.

Any 10th Mountain Vets (or anyone else) have any idea if I'm right about the skis?

Also...what style boots might have been worn with them? They look like they would hold a plastic mountianeering or a AT boot, but I've never seen US Military Issue plastic mountaineering boots.
Well...I didn't know the Mickey Mouse boots were ski compatable. Thanks for that info.

I was stationed in Alaska twice, and have some knowledge of the skis. You are talking about a cable that goes around the heel. It can be run through some keepers that allows you to down hill, otherwise cross country in them. We used VB (mickey mouse) boots. They have a lug on the heel that the cable slips over. You just jam the toe of the boot in the frame. We were also issued leather Mountain Boots, but seldom wore them for the ski training. Our term for them was "suicide slats". Its not a lot of fun when your cable slips on a turn while downhilling and take a spill with a 70-80 pound ruck sack on your back.
The VB boot has a valve on one side that when closed traps air in the pockets of the boot and assists in keeping your foot warm. When released, it cools the foot. We used to joke with the new troops that if you didn't release the air before airborne operations, and the compartment depressurizes that it will blow your foot off.
You are correct about them being both for downhill and cross country.

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