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World Of Warcraft HELP!! GOLD HELP?

I don't know how to make Gold in WOW.But I've been playing for about for 6 months and I need gold so I can get my Death Knight Flying mount because its gonna be my first flying mount and my DK is lv 58 I need the gold because as soon as I hit 60 I want the mount.Anyways I need help making Gold Besides Questing I am tired of doing quest.Is there anyway I can get gold like a certain area or farming?I'm new to making Gold.

On my server I made a good amount of gold farming SM selling all the cloth(And the skimpy looking gear some people use for female transmog.) You also get dark moon faire items that can be sold for a few 100 gold depending on the server you are on.

I also made a nice amount of gold on low lvl toons when pvping (look the bodys of everyone you kill for Dark Moon Faire quest items my server let me sell them for 80-150 gold each and I do very well in pvp most of the time so i get around 3+ a BG

Farming ore/herbs also works check the servers prices.

LvL one of your toons till he is 90 just questing. You should have over 20k gold by then and that is not counting the good amount of gold you can get from item drops.(around lvl 80 is when quests give a decent amount of gold)

Professions can make a good profit, Goggle a few guides for them.

That's about all I do for making gold. I was not rich back when i was playing but i had more gold then needed by the time I made my third lvl 90. After 90 you should rep grind it's a nice way to make a decent amount of gold every day without going out of your way.

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