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Caledonian Offers Guaranteed Profit Improvement Program to Commerce Chamber members at 50% Discount

: Caledonian Management Group LLC – Private Delaware Company

What: Caledonian Management offers Commerce Chamber member’s struggling in TX & DE their Highlander Guaranteed Profit Improvement Program for $5,000 – a savings of 50%.

When: Starts Today

Where: Texas and Delaware

Why: To prove that we can help small businesses survive and thrive!

How: Caledonian is offering its Highlander Programme to members of all Chambers of Commerce in Texas and Delaware at a 50% discount, thus helping struggling small businesses to achieve cost savings and operate more efficiently. Each Chamber member will receive an In-Depth Module (normally valued at $5,000), FREE when they purchase the Highlander Assessment Programme. Highlander saves jobs and frees up capital by identifying between 2% and 10% of annual sales in bottom line improvements, so for a company making $10 Million per year in revenue, the owners will realize gains of between $200,000 and $1,000,000 each year. The $5,000 programme fee is fixed and there are NO additional fees or consulting costs. The InDepth Module identifies additional savings and efficiency opportunities that enhance the client’s business profits and position the business to survive and grow in these hard economic times.

Instead of just getting another loan from the Government that needs to be paid back at a later date, with all the required guarantees and strings that the Government require from business owners, the Highlander Programme identifies REAL cost savings and introduces the owners to better ways of doing business, reducing their costs and improving their profits in a substantial manner within a 12 month period.

Caledonian assesses small businesses, identifies cost savings & operational improvements, streamlines corporate management, internal operating systems and company procedures, then provides FREE select management consulting services to jump start clients into a more profitable position, utilizing Web 2.0 technology with seasoned and experienced experts managing the process. Client Owners are given a comprehensive assessment and review of every aspect of their business, a unique operational efficiency score and solutions to improve and streamline their business operations.

ABOUT Caledonian Management Group LLC

A privately held management company that focuses on providing business assessments and management consulting solutions to small businesses. Based in Delaware, the company was founded by a group of individuals fed up with the current “World of Management Consulting” and felt they could create a better, faster, more efficient business model utilizing Web 2.0 technology, that would deliver value to clients and still be profitable. Currently operating in Delaware, Texas, New York, Georgia, Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, Colorado and California.

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