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I need your opinions on this: Should people be able to abort their children?

So this is MY opinion on abortion: I feel like, if the woman who was having the baby was raped, they should be able to do abortion. In any other cases, it's really unfair for the child. I mean, if you purposely had sex without protection, face the consequences! If you never wanted a child, don't have unprotected sex! But if you were raped, having that baby would be a reminder of what happened to you that day. So yeah, I support abortion 100%, as long as there's a good reason for it.

I agree with you. Only under certain circumstances should abortion be considered: rape or if the baby/mothers life is in danger (and there are no other options)

Women that accidentally get pregnant and it isn't 'the right time' in their life they shouldn't be able to get an abortion. Just because someone was careless and forgot to use birth control, or even if they did and it failed, adoption should be their first choice. Some people aren't financially or emotionally capable of caring for children they get pregnant with but someone out there would love their child dearly and it isn't right to take that away from someone who does want a baby and is able to care for them.

Sadly abortion is legal, and even if it wasn't people know there is money in it and would continue to preform them illegally, or die trying to give one to themselves.

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