Spectra Flex

Is this a good paintball gun, I play all types.. I'm a starter.?

Gun - 495.95
Air System - Guerrilla Air 62ci 3000psi Aluminum HPA Tank w/ Myth Reg - - $49.95
Loader - Invert TOO by HALO Electronic Paintball Loader - - $69.95
Barrel Protection - CORE Paintball Barrel Cover - Red - $1.00
Goggles - JT Spectra Flex 8 Full Coverage Headshield Goggle - Olive - - $64.99
Overall Price - 681.84 + $61.40 tax

What gun? You don't have one even listed. Overall the setup you have there is not bad and will work good. Jt flex 8 is a good mask that gives a good field of vision and has good anti fog lenses, i personally don't like the full coverage because they get hot but it is personal choice. The invert too is a good loader that will keep up with most markers and can be upgraded will any halo upgrade. The air tank will be good because they are cheaper to fill and your shots will be more consistent.

As for the marker you don't have one listed but for that price i would have to think your looking at a DM Fx, Axe, or something along those lines. Most markers around that range will be good.

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