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Do you agree or disagree with what the Count did in the count of monte cristo?

I have been reading the book but I am not sure what to think of Dantes's actions. With all the revenge he took on Fernand, Caderousse, Danglesr, and Villefort, in some cases, having them commit suicide or go mad I don't see if he is a better person in the end. The decisions he made were not exactly morally sound and his treatment of women seemed to have declined as the story continued. I would just like another opinion about the book and how the count may have made the right or wrong decisions in taking revenge.

How would you feel, when every thing you owned, loved was destroyed by some people You were then put in a filthy rat infested cell, fed on slops you would not give a pig. Had a steel mask that covered your whole head, that your beard drove to mad as it grew over the years and you were going to die there totally forgotten . what would you do buy them a bunch of flowers.. Please look at it from his point of view and if you were in his situation. And his wife marries about three months after he disappears to the very man who did all this to him. Yes If I was in his shoes I would have done what he did .
was it moral , was he mad, who cares , It was a good story
Christop just enjoy it its just a story,

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