Tactical Hunting

Which fantasy character would you want to be?

Hobbit-Quiet, small, smokes a pipe, sneaky, can pickpocket, likes peaceful lifestyle, live where humans can't get to them.

Wizard-Good at all kinds of magic

Warrior-Fearless, muscular, strong, good leader, tactical, hunts

Vampire-only comes out at night, can do some magic, has to feed to stay alive, everyone hates you, sun kills you

Werewolf-enhanced strength and speed,can't control yourself in a full moon, has to feed...even on loved ones

Elf-Good archer, animals do what the elves want, love nature, can also be good thief's

lizard people-can breathe underwater, immune to diseases and can't be poisoned.

Cat people-Good thief's, strong, fast, sneaky

Only pick one!

NONE. I live in the World of REALITY not fantasy!

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