Thermal Goggles

what is a good paintball mask that wont fog up and fits nice for under 60 bucks?

i just saw this thing called thermal goggles and i heard that they are better for anti fogging than anti fog lenses is this true?

There are two main types of thermal lenses.

First, two pane thermal and thermal coated. The two pane thermal lenses use an air barrier between the front and back panes to reduce fogging. Jt Spectra ($30) and Proflex ($60) can be found for that price.
JT masks

Second, thermal coated lenses. These have an anti-fog coating on the lens to prevent fogging. For the price the V-Force Shield ($40) or Profiler ($60) are good choices. Just a note, that some of the Profilers on ANSgear have a thermal treated tinted lens standard. The lens alone would be worth at least half the cost of the mask. Just throwing that out there.



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