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How To Find Right Setup In MW2?

im good, i play good usually (24-6, 30-5) but i really want a go-to class. I switch guns a lot and im having trouble finding a "main class". How can i find a good consistant class, and how do i play more consistantly?

Some good classes to try ou:
1. ACR red dot, claymore, stun scavanger, stopping power, ninja(if you are mainly a camper)
2. ump silenced,semtex, stun, marathon, coldblooded,ninja (if you are more of a rusher)
3. Barrett thermal, smoke, claymore. scavenger, stopping power, steady aim (for maps like wasteland + underpass)
4. any assault rifle with noob tube, 1 man army, claymore, stun, danger close, ninja ( Great on maps like Terminal or not open maps)
- your classes should differ to what game type you play, what kind of player you are and what [kind of] map you are playing on. EX: if you are playing S&D never use tactical insertions etc.

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